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not looking for anyone to "take on" any of my "bagage". I hope you find what you seek on here, just be careful to not be taken advantage of. We got a great treasurer that way at our local meeting.

I imagine it is a difficult and confusing situation to deal with. But after the husbands get to know you and see that you aren't trying to make a move on their wives they appreciate you coming to get the wife and taking her to a meeting.

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Created by freelance writer and editor Justin Myers in 2010, THE GUYLINER was launched to document Justin’s dating experiences and to speak openly about his struggle to find love on the London gay dating scene.

Originally penned as an anonymous blog and taking a candid approach, The GUYLINER gives readers hilarious insight into dates that have gone wrong and brief encounters, even scoring his dates out of ten.

After leaving home around 10 years ago, Anna started travelling and exploring the world.

With the aim to show the different perspectives of adventure, Anna can be found in a luxury hotel on one day and on another, be seen hanging from aerial silks in the woods.

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Created by wives Kate and Sharon, Les Be Mums was launched to follow the couple’s journey through parenthood.

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