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I've successfully cross-compiled both PHP 5 and THTTPD and they both seem to run fine on the ARM board, only the pages are shown unprocessed (if you do "View Source" in the web browser, you can see the PHP code).

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It has to be a silly configuration detail, I really feel that I am snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Any help or smart ideas would be greatly appreciated! ################ in file thttpd.c changed: #ifdef HAVE_FCNTL_H #include # (both work) make # to make sure we get 0 (success) despite the warnings: echo $?

(see link above about php 4.2 ) But your errors are a little deeper since $_SERVER isn't working either. fresh install and it was just how ever it set its self up.

There's a security feature in the newer versions of php that really messed me up and I had plenty of problems getting things working again.

[QUOTE]I have the suspect that it's a "register globals" issue and in particular how you access your server-side variables.

like im despret here and would like to get them running its been over 2 weeks and i cant add anything new. thanks all the same but i need things sumed down a bit. If you did the upgrade, then you might want to try removing it, going back to the earlier php version and then doing some testing on php 4.3.1 on a local machine with a back-up copy of the board.

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If your host upgraded you to the latest version of php then you need to talk to your host about getting the globals set.

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