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You will find in this section maps of all kinds, contemporary and road map via Google while discovering historical ones dating from the time when Montreal was a metropolis in full industrial rise.

It is very interesting to follow the evolution of Montreal city through the various maps of Montreal, to see the districts taking shape with time.

Before Lina can examine it, the toddler chews it up and tears it to pieces.

Lina will not give up, though, and enlists Doon to help her solve the puzzle.

Eventually, the friends discover the message is the instructions for the way to get out of Ember. While in the tunnels, Doon and Lina run into Looper, the weird man who had exchanged messages with the Mayor.

They find out that he has been stealing the city’s precious resources.

When they try to report the thefts, however, they are surprised to learn that the mayor has ordered their arrest for “spreading vicious rumours.” Lina grabs Poppy and, with Doon, the three flee the city. On the boat, they find several strange items: “paddles,” “candles,” and “matches.” After some time, the river winds up to a rocky slope.

The story begins in the mid twenty-first century following a devastating apocalyptic war.

The setting is Ember, the sole human settlement that exists in nearly total darkness.

The box is to be passed on from mayor to mayor, but after a number of years, the box is lost.

No one is especially concerned about its location, for no one knew what it contained. The story leaps forward to the year 241 and a graduation ceremony.

Known as “the only light in the dark world,” Ember, too, may soon become completely pitch black.

Its aging electrical system, which powers the city’s lamps and floodlights, is showing signs of failure.

When Lina returns to the family apartment after work, her day is not over for she must care for her aging grandmother and little sister, Poppy.

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