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Gayla's second love affair is with New Bern, Connecticut. Single Mom, Ivy Peterman’s world is a fast-paced one—what with caring for her two children, taking a college course, working at the Quilt Shop, mentoring abused women, and is coordinator of the Internship Program at the Women’s Shelter. We feel a strong “Belonging” to New Bern and are saddened to leave when the last page is read and we close the cover.Like Brian, the laid back town is charming without trying too hard. Life may be chaotic, but is manageable—that is, until she receives the gut-wrenching news that her abusive ex-husband, Hodge is being released from prison and has demanded to spend time with the children. This time, one thing is for certain—the story characters as well as readers everywhere will learn not to jump to conclusions—as well as to never relinquish your hopes and dreams.

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They are all part of a quilting circle and their exchanges over crafts remind me of the precious moments I've spent crocheting with my best friend and with my sisters.

I'm not interested enough in any of them, except for maybe one, to read any of the other books.

Gayla Oliver is a college coun In New Bern, Connecticut there's a shop called the Cobbled Court Quilt Shop. It is a quilting circle but really, it's more of a friend circle and they are about to make a new friend.

Gayla Oliver is a college counselor who lives full time in New York and has a cottage home in New Bern.

With all of their support, Gayla just might find the courage to look ahead, decide which fragments of her old life she wants to keep, which are beyond repair―and how to knot the fraying ends until a bold new design reveals itself.…Each book gets better Really, really good. But she is feeling overwrought and a bit jealous of the happy couples she is surroun Having read the other books in the Cobbled Court Quilt series, I look forward to a return visit to New Bern, Connecticut. She's settled nicely, working at the quilt shop and is slowly working on her degree, one class at a time.

Somehow, she opens her Husband, Brian’s files instead of her own and discovers a memo he ha“Wishing We Could Patch Hearts as Well as Quilts”Wife, Mother of grown twins, and Educational Consultant, Gayla Oliver is up to her armpits coping with the Mothers of high school seniors who have unrealistic expectations.

Gayla was doing some work on her home computer when it went all hinky and somehow a document came up on the screen that wasn't meant for Gayla's eyes. ~~written several months prior from her husband, Brian, to Gayla.

That memo contained a confession and a request for a divorce. Shaken to her core and stunned, Gayla flees their New York apartment and heads straight to the cottage in New Bern.

Even Virginia, whose 85th birthday is approaching, says she's got some new things that she wants to try too! Not all marriages are perfect and not all friendships are perfect. Bostwick's 6th, and quite possibly, last book of the Cobbled Court Series.

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