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— aren’t making their way to Dallas, a year of positive growth and development, spearheaded by Smith and whomever they choose with their upcoming draft selection, could go a long way in enticing the numerous high-caliber players who will hit the market after next season.

Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler and plenty others will all likely be available for the right price, and that is precisely when the Mavericks should look to strike. If they play their cards right over the next few seasons, the Mavericks should be back in the thick of things in the Western Conference.

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The coming Draft will be of major importance for Dallas as well; outside of Smith last year and swinging a trade for Nowitzki way back in 1998, the Mavericks have been, by far, one of the worst drafting franchises in the league.

Their draft history is loaded with busts, players who just didn’t pan out and players that were traded before they had a chance to do anything for the team. Focus Area: The Draft While the NBA may not like it, the Mavericks have tanked their way to a top pick.

Tied with the Brooklyn Nets and the Atlanta Hawks for the third-best odds at the No.1 pick, Dallas will likely look to lose a majority of their games that remain on the schedule.

In a draft that is seemingly loaded, it is crucial that the Mavericks hit a home run with their pick.

The team needs a big to eventually succeed Nowitzki in the front court, and the 2018 Draft should be loaded with them: De Andre Ayton, Mohamed Bamba, Marvin Bagley and plenty others.

Depending on where their pick falls, the Mavericks could have their selection of any one of them.

They could also sign players to big-money, but short-term contracts in order to ensure their cap flexibility in the future while also staying above the salary floor.

Both the former and the latter could be flipped at next season’s Trade Deadline, either to teams in the playoff hunt or to those looking to take on expiring contracts and clear cap-space.

If they don’t, however, the franchise could continue to fall, even farther than they already have, which would mean disaster for the Mavericks future and their fans.

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