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SELECT TYPE, STATUS_CODE, STATUS FROM V$LOGSTDBY_PROCESS; TYPE STATUS_CODE STATUS ---------------- ----------- ----------------------------------------- COORDINATOR 16117 ORA-16117: processing READER 16127 ORA-16127: stalled waiting for additional transactions to be applied BUILDER 16116 ORA-16116: no work available PREPARER 16116 ORA-16117: processing ANALYZER 16120 ORA-16120: dependencies being computed for transaction at SCN 0x0001.abdb440a APPLIER 16124 ORA-16124: transaction 1 13 1427 is waiting on another transaction APPLIER 16121 ORA-16121: applying transaction with commit SCN 0x0001.abdb4390 APPLIER 16123 ORA-16123: transaction 1 23 1231 is waiting for commit approval APPLIER 16116 ORA-16116: no work available FROM V$LOGSTDBY_PROGRESS; APPLIED_TIME LATEST_TIME MINING_TIME RESTART_TIME ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- 05-05-12 05-05-12 05-05-12 05-05-12 view displays statistics, current state, and status information related to SQL Apply.No rows are returned from this view when SQL Apply is not running.However, you can change the number of recorded events by calling ORDER BY EVENT_TIMESTAMP, COMMIT_SCN, CURRENT_SCN; EVENT_TIME STATUS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EVENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23-JUL-02 ORA-16111: log mining and apply setting up 23-JUL-02 ORA-16128: User initiated shut down successfully completed 23-JUL-02 ORA-16112: log mining and apply stopping 23-JUL-02 ORA-16128: User initiated shut down successfully completed 23-JUL-02 ORA-16111: log mining and apply setting up 23-JUL-02 ORA-16204: DDL successfully applied create table hr.test_emp (empno number, ename varchar2(64)) 23-JUL-02 ORA-16205: DDL skipped due to skip setting create database link link_to_boston connect to system identified by change_on_inst 7 rows selected.

access table updating time stamp-12

view that displays statistics, current state, and status information for the logical standby database during SQL Apply activities.

These and other relevant views are discussed in more detail in Section 10.3, "Views Related to Managing and Monitoring a Logical Standby Database".

In a well-tuned logical standby database, pageout activities will occur occasionally and should not effect the overall throughput of the system.

Modifications made to the logical standby database do not become persistent until the commit record of the transaction is mined from the redo log files and applied to the logical standby database.

Thus, every time SQL Apply is stopped, whether as a result of a user directive or because of a system failure, SQL Apply must go back and mine the earliest uncommitted transaction again.

In cases where a transaction does little work but remains open for a long period of time, restarting SQL Apply from the start could be prohibitively costly because SQL Apply would have to mine a large number of archived redo log files again, just to read the redo data for a few uncommitted transactions.

All transactions start out categorized as small transactions.

Depending on the amount of memory available for the LCR cache and the amount of memory consumed by LCRs belonging to a transaction, SQL Apply determines when to recategorize a transaction as a large transaction.

LOGMNR_CCOL$ exchange partition P101 with table SYS.

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