Accomodating adhd

How and if your ADHD impacts your job performance depends on many factors, the type and severity of your symptoms, the suitability of the job to your strengths, and how successfully you are using strategies to offset any weaknesses.

If you are an American employee with ADHD, the diagnosis doesn’t necessarily means you are covered under the American With Disabilities Act.

Here are suggestions for getting started from an employee’s perspective: You may want to read these articles Private companies with 15 or more employees, employment agencies, labor organizations and joint labor-management committees, as well as state and local government employers must comply with the ADA.

However, there is no magic cure or solution for those experiencing difficulties in the workplace.

Taking time to assess your situation, implementing strategies, and asking for accommodations when appropriate may also be a part of becoming successful in your chosen career.

Persons with disabilities are not required to disclose to information about the nature of their disability, unless specifically needed to better accommodate the needs of the person with disabilities.

Information about an employee’s disability and/or accommodations should never be shared with anyone unless it is necessary and the employee has provided permission.There are no specific careers that are absolutely good or bad for those with ADHD, since those with ADHD are unique and vary greatly in their strengths and weaknesses.READ MOREAlthough situations vary from province to province a recent Ontario Human Rights Commission report, “Minds that matter: Report on the consultation on human rights, mental health and addictions has helped to clarify the duty of employers to accommodate individuals with mental health conditions.Being passionate about aspects for your career can often be the key to keeping yourself engaged and working on improving your current job success. A variety or both medication and non-medication treatments for those with adult ADHD now exist.Receiving a proper assessment and using multimodal treatments may be extremely helpful with: increasing focus and attention, decreasing distractibility, impulsivity and hyperactivity, and assisting with emotional regulation and organization.If you are experiencing difficulties at work do not immediately assume that your current job is the wrong job for you.

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