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For adult students accommodation is arranged on a bed, breakfast and dinner basis, Monday-Friday, with full board at the weekend.Our host families are happy to provide meals to suit individual palates.

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First and foremost, you can help your loved one find appropriate treatment for OCD and encourage him or her to actively participate in the therapy process.

Effective treatment is the most important step in gaining relief. It’s also very important that you try to establish a positive emotional climate in the home.

To relieve the distress caused by obsessions, people with OCD feel compelled to perform repetitive actions called compulsions, or rituals.

For example, a person with an obsessive fear of intruders may check and recheck door locks repeatedly to ensure that no one can get in.

If your loved one is undergoing OCD treatment, you can play an important role in supporting his or her recovery.

If he or she is diagnosed with OCD but refuses to get treatment, it will be important for you to learn why some people avoid treatment and how you may be able to encourage your loved one to seek help. But even if you think you’ve already tried everything possible to get rid of OCD, there are some changes you can make now that may help bring relief to the whole household.

And people with OCD can’t stop just because you want them to.

In fact, if they just stop their behavior, they’d be the first ones on the face of the planet to stop!

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All the families are visited regularly and carefully selected by our accommodation officer.

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