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Whichever bright spark said real ales were dying is definitely eating his words with all the small breweries flourishing and the big boys dying off.

It means it is brilliant, as I can offer a large choice of interesting ales for my discerning customers. Sourcing food as locally as possible and always reflecting the seasons with lighter salads in the warmer months, and hearty meat feasts in the cooler months but still keeping all the regular favourites to avoid uproar.

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The list changes twice a year and is not over-serious, a little like me!!

Pubs like this do not run without lots of help and I owe lots of thanks to all staff and customers alike (even I only have one pair of hands).

BE WARNED This is not a normal website, it is fuelled by passion and fun!

At last, I hear you say, a website for The Yew Tree. No, a very clever and bright employee (Attie) has kicked my backside into the 21st Century. ) To me all the action is downstairs with the customers (because without you the pub is merely a few walls and lots of pictures!

Cajun chicken salad or beef and horseradish burgers always prove very successful over the warmer months, but for the colder weather so the menu changes, a half shoulder of lamb or beef bourlash will hopefully set your winter taste buds tingling.

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