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Megan Fox (idc what the haters say, girl is fioonnneeee)She’s constantly seen in candids wearing appropriate geeky attire such as Star Trek t-shirts and is known for spending her time at Comic-Con tracking down artists Michael Turner and J.

Scott Campbell and collecting comics like Gen 13 and Witchblade.

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After a long and successful run as head writer on the sketch comedy program SNL she then turned her experiences into a sitcom about a head writer of a sketch comedy show.

Fey now plays Liz Lemon, the uber-geek who tries to get out of jury duty by turning up dressed as Princess Leia and claiming to be a hologram in addition to producing and writer the show.

Geeks were no longer social outcasts but a driving market force. Some of them are successful…some have been found to be cool…and some are even attractive.

Below you will find the Ten Sexiest Female Geeks around (in no specific order…I may be crass enough to write this list, but I’m not so crass as to rank people on their looks).

We dropped the ball elsewhere, however, and wound up sneaking into the roster at a modest 27th overall.

But these stories are generally cobbled together out of statistics and polls compiled and analyzed by journalists who never set foot in the towns theyre writing about.

Already holding a degree in Cinematic Studies, Ellis is now a Master Candidate in Cinematic Arts whilst continuing her work as the hottest movie reviewer around (not that there’s much competition in that field…).

Kari Byron Most people know Kari Byron as the hot red head from Mystbusters, a job that she got by persistently showing up at M5 Industries until she got the job. Her education is in film and sculpture which she got at San Francisco State University where she graduated magna cum laude.

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