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The average Nexopia user is around 16 years old, so witnessing a conversation on the forums is sort of like being back in high school, except instead of a group of four or five girls chattering at once there are now four or five hundred.

Discussion topics are pretty much what you’d expect at a site full of teens, ranging from complaints about family members to homework help requests.

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The Content Something Awful is a massive comedy site that’s been in operation since 1999, and its forums have been famous for years.

They’re unique in that they cost 10 dollars to join; some people balk at the idea of charging money for a forum, but it’s proven effective in keeping away those who just want to advertise or cause trouble.

Vault Network has since grown to the point where pretty much every major online role playing game has its own discussion board.

Since hardcore fans of the online RPG genre are considered huge nerds with too much time on their hands, it’s pretty obvious as to how such a large community was built up.

We’re pretty impressed by how big this place managed to become considering there’s no unifying theme to attract members like the rest of the sites on this list; we guess there’s something about having permission to ramble aimlessly that lots of people find appealing.

The Stats 163,584,547 posts and about 2,580 users at any given time.Something Awful has also been responsible for a wide variety of Internet fads, some of them hilarious and others… But on the whole, Something Awful combines great comedy content with well-maintained forums to be one of the most interesting sites the Internet has to offer.The Stats 123,864,808 posts and about 600 users at any given time.The Content Face The Jury is ostensibly the second picture rating forum on our list, just in case you needed further proof that the Internet is populated primarily by perverts with too much time on their hands.However, this site hasn’t really been about looking at blurry photos of attention craving teenagers for quite some time.There are a huge number of communities online, and the range of conversation topics is limitless. Looking to find people who love Japanese schoolgirls as much as you do? Most Internet communities are small and specialised, because there are only so many people in the world interested in a certain TV show or disgusting fetish.

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