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She was required to use an outdoor hose to shower and port a pot for elimination.

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One 14 yr old and the 17 year old were favorites and not abused.

Dollar's also had an adult daughter, adopted as an infant, who had moved out of the home.

The Williams read and recommended "How to Train Up a Child".

Both children were homeschooled and beaten with a belt, wooden spoon, a plumbing supply rod, and a gluestick.

(Adriana was the first adopted child and apparently the adoption was later disrupted).

15-year-old Erica Parson was taken in by Casey and Sandy Parsons two weeks after her birth, and adopted two years later.Hana weighed 78 lbs, having lost 30 pounds in the year prior to her death, and was about the same weight as when she arrived from Ethiopia 3 years earlier.The Williams attended several churches but were home churching around the time Hana died.One of the children an 18-year-old boy named Shane Graham, aka Moo, with autism, Down syndrome and needing round the clock care, is missing, and presumed dead. The case became symbolic of child abuse in America.13-year-old girl adopted from Ethiopia in 2008, by Larry and Carri Williams, died after being forced to stay outside the home on a rainy night.Upon investigation of the abuse case, police found the remains of the two other girls in a basement freezer, where they had been for seven months.

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