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In 1973, Sonic Supply was restructured as a franchise company that provided equipment and other supplies to franchisees.

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Reply My son and I were at your Sonic drive in which is located on avenue B in Yuma, Arizona. Sunday at we was on our way to work again and stopped off like we do 7 days a week.

We were very dissatisfied with the service, The wrong burger was brought out. No napkins in the bag and we had to ask for salt twice for the tots. We have eaten there quite often but will think about going there any time soon. I order 4 drinks and we sit until 4 we are late for work people getting their orders of food and ice cream we still sit there one car hop.

When the car hop brought my ice cream, I asked her, would she please refill my soft drink; and this time don’t fill it so full of ice, so I can wash down the rest of my meal.

She replyed by saying,” We do not give out refills”. She was nice to say that she was instructed by the new manager not to.

Today, the chain operates over 3500 locations in 43 states.

In 1977, the Sonic School for manager training was formed. The company began to open 100 new locations per year.

I know if you pack a cup with a lot of ice, you don’t get a full cup of beverage, that was my case, I didn’t have enough drink to wash my cold and hard tator Tots down.

I dont think with this new manager’s policy, I will be back to do business with this Sonic; and I will tell my friends of the new, no refill policy at Antlers Sonic.

This isn’t the only time this has happened, every time I go there it’s the same. Thank You Reply Around the end of June or 1st part of July, I placed my order at the drive thru for Sonic# 5876, gave the lady my debit card, she was gone a long time, came back & said it didn’t go through, she’d have to run it again, I immediately accessed my bank on my phone & there was the amount deducted, I showed her my phone, she said it didn’t go through & she couldn’t process my order without running it again, I refused, asked for my food & was told she couldn’t, she kept my receipt, I was so angry I drove off went to another Sonic# 1501 no problems.

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