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Examples include remote parts of the American West, the Falklands, and the Shetland Islands.

The state sponsored system was introduced in the late 18th century and has had widespread influences since.

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Being mostly rural, many schools had no water or sanitation and this was often provided by converting wells into toilets, melting snow for water in the winter and relying on the help of nearby farms in the summer.

Teaching standards often varied from school to school as the teacher was compelled to coach children of all ages/grades within one room and regardless of their area of main competence.

Often, town meetings and picnics were also held there.

The vast majority of one-room schools in the United States are no longer used as schools and have either been torn down or converted for other purposes.

Although such schools eventually become eligible for state funding, they usually begin with a single teacher in a room or prefabricated building.

Many schools also served as the local chapel on Sundays, and evening/Saturday meeting places for local people and activities.

Single, female teachers were more often billeted or boarded with a local family to provide for social norms requiring social supervision of single females.

Motorized school buses in the 1920s made longer distances possible, and one-room schools were soon consolidated in most portions of the United States into multiple classroom schools where classes could be held separately for various grade levels. Most one-room schools had been replaced by larger schools by World War II except in the most rural areas.

In recent decades, an increasing number of schools have been founded for parents not content with the National School system.

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