theme song for the dating game - Adult dating sex site scam 1 800

My experiance was filling out a real long profile, and I noticed the profiles I browsed eventually sent me 1 of the 3 forms of contact.

some even urging me to get into the chat feature (requiring membership).

a few randoms a day AND if the user browses other profiles, those profiles will eventually "respond".

Looking at the source code, You will see that all these mail, flirts, and contacts, are designated as [ROBOT], but the mail from xxx blackbook, does not have the [robot] tag in the script.

I re-edited it and eventually removed everything about me from the profile.

Even with nothing there, I still received the same amount of [ROBOT] interests with mail titles about loving what i had to say.

One was informing me that a woman added me as a contact. I couldn't reply back because I had to be a paid member in order to reply back. This should apparently be considered a red flag to other browsers & members on any dating site they're on.

So I paid .00 for a 5 day trial membership, instead of paying large sums of money for a premium membership & taking a risk of being scammed out of large sums of dollars. In conclusion, like the other foamy sites out there, this site is a joke! All I know is their money & credit card orders are being processed by a comapny known as

I understand like most sites such as this there is a high ratio of male to female members but when you have the same female ask you why you will not reply to her 4 or more times something is up.

I know every testimonial that a male has given a female are all at least 6 months old and customer support is non existent.

the majority, well over 90% are ROBOT profiles, while the remaining accounts are mostly males that are hoping that they're off site contact works.

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