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The dental hygienist will also teach patients how to maintain good oral health.

Our office recommends that patients schedule an cleaning appointment every 6 months.

When a patient needs a filling a composite is used to restore the function, integrity, and appearance of missing tooth structure.

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The only whitening product we ask you buy in our office is the Venus White Pro.

Venus White Pro is the high-performance whitening system specially formulated for simple at-home use.

Click here to visit Settle Dental Group's Venus Smile Store Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone.

An extraction is performed for positional, structural, or economic reasons. Teeth become impacted when they are prevented from growing into their normal position in the mouth by gum tissue, bone, or other teeth.

Wisdom teeth are molars found in the very back of your mouth.

These teeth usually appear in late teens or early twenties but may become impacted (fail to erupt) due to lack of room in the jaw or angle of entry.He is dedicated to providing every patient with excellent, personalized care and service. He got to talk and get used to the room and what was going to happen and his nervousness went away. Then we will look for oral cancer, periodontal disease, as well as chart your existing restorations and any decay present.Took my son for this first visit today and he was very nervous. Our staff will take a complete set of X-rays, which includes a panorex and full mouth set.This information may not be up to date, and a nursing home does not have to give a bed to a Medicaid patient even if it is available.Settle Dental group is located in Marion, Illinois.Settle Dental Group offers complete dentures for patients.

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