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Put your shoulders back, chest out, raise your jaw, look people dead in the eyes and speak S L O W L Y with conviction.This will not just make you appear more confident but FEEL more confident.

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Whatever makes you feel good about yourself, thrive off that.

Projecting confidence is also about body language and breathing.

That’s because the trickiest stage of getting a girlfriend is the transition from when you’re “sort of dating” her to actually “in a relationship”.

So if you’re sick of getting friend-zoned, watching the girls you like end up with jerks and fed up with being the only guy in your group of friends then keep reading. You’ll learn where you went wrong (especially with texting).

You go on a few dates – you’re texting each other everyday – but then something you do suddenly turns her from hot to cold and you can’t figure out why.

This happens so often to you that you start expecting women to stop texting you back or disappear into oblivion, because no matter what you do differently it always ends the same way.

Another example: You assumed she wasn’t interested in you anymore, so you gave up.

But actually she just got out of a bad relationship and felt like she was falling for you. So from now on whenever you find yourself assuming you’ll get rejected flip the switch and assume the EXACT opposite – a scenario where you are a source of happiness for her NOT a source of pain, for example: The girl in the bar desperately wants you to go and talk to her.

You have high standards and will not settle for anything less than the girl of your dreams. This is the reality of the situation and the mindset you need to adopt.

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