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During the Ming Dynasty (from 368 to 1644), people started using bricks in a lot of areas of the wall. The Great Wall extends from Shanhaiguan located in the east, to Lop Lake found in the west.

The pointing needle back then was a spoon-shaped device made of the same mineral, featuring a handle that would always indicate south.

In the 8th century, Chinese inventors came up with a magnetized needle that replaced the spoon-shaped lodestones.

In fact noodles have been popular in China for over 4,000 years (according to the latest archeological data).

The oldest example of pasta (in the picture) was discovered in Qinghai province.

A very important aspect of the wall was communication between the army units.

To be able to call for reinforcements and signal of enemy movements, it was decided to build signal towers.

By that time the Chinese already possessed the techniques of wall-building.

However, the first materials used were rammed earth, stones, and wood.

Starting with the year 850, magnetized needles were commonly used as navigational devices on ships.

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