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the Can’t Not or the Intellectual Intercourse tour. When a 19-year-old Canadian woman with a hell of a lot to say headed west from Toronto and found her voice.

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At 21 years old, Morissette no longer let others define her; Dropped from MCA Records after those first two albums, Morissette traveled to California to write new songs and eventually found a co-writer in Glen Ballard (Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul).

Madonna’s label, Maverick Records, picked up the resulting album, and come June 1995, Morissette released a feminist manifesto in world tour, a.k.a. Waxman: As big as it was, and as quickly as it got big, when she was on the cover of Rolling Stone it was like holy s---.

"I was old enough to be able to write autobiographically and stand by the philosophical subject matter in my songs.", which was released in 1995 by Maverick Records.

With its edgy, alternative sound, the single "You Oughta Know" struck a strong chord with listeners.

Ballard: She was trying to figure out who she was in that moment, and it was this incredible thing. We were late getting started; the studio wasn't ruined, but a lot of stuff had been shaken up. And then when we're writing the record, literally this O. Simpson saga was happening and at one point, Robert Kardashian, he lived in Encino not far from my house. What stood out to me was that [Alanis] was accepting her vulnerability but she definitely was not, shall we say, a victim. And I think the tone of the whole album was one that embraced women for all that we are.

I just felt like she just was shaking her tree and fruit was falling out [laughs]. There were all these helicopters going over, chasing O. Simpson down the street and we were going, “What the hell is going on? Yes, we are women who have emotions and, like anybody else, weaknesses, but that doesn't mean that we don't have our strengths.

Quickly following up on her first win in the dance-pop world, Morissette released Morissette's career blossomed once again when she made it to the United States.

At age 18, she had moved to Toronto, but in 1994 she made a much bigger move—to Los Angeles.

Soon, she had moved away from the more conventional dance-pop songs she began with.

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