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Diana Rakipi, now 59-years-old, made the decision to become a Burrnesha at the age of seventeen because she had always preferred playing with boys as a child and her future as a woman had no appeal to her.She explained her choice to news outlet RT: 'I never forced myself to become a man.

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They may look like elderly, weathered men but these hauntingly beautiful photos actually depict a centuries-old minority of women, who exist in isolated regions of northern rural Albania and who live and act like men.

Living as a man: Burreshas or 'Sworn Virgins' assume the role of the male Patriarch when there is no other male heir to inherit the family name.

She works as a logger, and says: 'There was no love in my life but I never regretted it.

I had a gun and the men where afraid of me' Man of the house: Sokol Zmajli, 80, changed her name from Zhire to the male name Sokol when she was young.

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She heads the family household consisting of her nephew, his wife, their sons and their wives One Burrnesha, 71-year-old Haki, told GQ: 'God has given me what I am, and I've made do.

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