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Sutton suggests Emma finds a hotel or leaves and goes back to Vegas, and says because she is only thinking of Emma's safety.

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Sutton promises to introduce Emma to her family once the danger has passed.

She would give Emma a clean slate and they would never need to know she was Sutton.

Rebecca says that Mads should give Ryan another chance and go with him to the ball. Sutton disses Ryan, leaving Mads confused as last week Emma told her to give Ryan a chance.

Sutton realizes she needs to promise to give Emma the one thing she wants if she has any hope of keepig her and Ethan in town.

Emma believes Sutton, and tells Ethan they can't leave town. Ted dances with Sutton at the Ball and almost tells her a secret but catches Alec’s eye and changes his mind. Ethan cuts in and Sutton tells him to kiss her for sake of appearances. Sutton is furious and pulls Ethan in for a long kiss.

Ethan leaves Sutton at the Ball and Thayer asks her to dance.

Sutton walks in on a semi-naked Emma and Ethan, and tells them to hurry to the hospital where their mother Annie Hobbs is.

Emma and Sutton talk with Annie, and Emma meets her mother for the first time, only to find out Annie Hobbs is not their birth mother.

Danielle Sellers made her debut in The Sun on Page 3 in July 2016.

In her spare time she likes to watch soap operas and partying in Ibiza.

Sutton comes clean and tells her parents about Justin, even though Laurel told her to keep it a secret. Sutton is quickly destroying all the relationships that Emma built in her place.

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