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Despite the 16% less in working hours, France still manages to stay on par with its neighbors.Aside from the iconic Eiffel Tower, what is France famous for? Not only is it considered a timeless gesture of affection but it is also dubbed as the most passionate kisses there is. It is an art form that French men more than willingly and happily indulge even in public.Cigarette smoke is sure smelly as well as some cheeses with strong aroma that other people aren’t used to.

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Sure, some French men are perpetual smokers with a cigarette always on their hands, but that doesn’t justify the stereotype that majority, if not all, French men are heavy smokers.

When talking about countries with the most smokers or highest cigarette annual consumption, France is not even on the top 10 list.

With that in mind, there is truth to the myth that French men are great lovers and kissers.

It doesn’t imply that they are above the rest though, just that they are really expressive and passionate when it comes to romanticism and showing love.

When they drink their wines, they do it like it’s an art. That doesn’t make today’s French men avid wine drinkers though.

Back in 1980, the French people love to drink their wines with meals.The significant decrease is attributed to French turning to electronic cigarette smoking instead.According to a recent survey, about 7.7 million French people are now using e-cigarettes on a daily basis.Do you know the French men as much as you think you do?Whether you’re already living in France or planning a visit any time soon, knowing some of the common myths about them will give you better insight.That observation, or more like a rant, is from a US tire company chief executive delivered to France’s industry minister in a letter.

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