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She’s since worked for Start Up Loans, run by James Caan of that other business show, Dragon’s Den fame and opened a few restaurants in Reading.Another Apprentice winner to try her hand at politics, Siadatan has run as a Tory candidate for council.

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She then went on to sue Lord Sugar for constructive dismissal, a case which she lost.

While Lord Sugar then counter-sued to try and regroup some of his legal fees from the battle. By this time however English had lost her job at Citigroup bank and told the court she had only around ‘£200’ in her bank account.

He also didn’t have the best of starts in his role at Amscreen – he committed the cardinal sin of calling in sick on his very first day.

Despite the bad start he managed to recover his reputation and stayed at the company for a number of years before launching a public speaking career.

She has since bounced back, working as a host on Sky series Crowd Box TV. Tom Pellereau (2011) After five years of giving Apprentice candidates jobs within his own company, Lord Sugar petitioned the BBC to change the format after he said his existing employees were ‘fed up’ with seeing newbies parachuted in from the competition.

So in 2011, inventor Tom Pellereau became the first candidate to win a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar into his business idea.

The first scene shown is one of Kevin grooming himself in front of a mirror, followed by his mother shouting "Kevin! Why did I waste these precious moments of my life on such crap? I gave it two stars because I normally like Bryan Cranston and Megan Mullally, and they give it their best despite having minimal material to work with.

They battled boardroom showdowns, survived awkward trips to the greasy spoon, cooked up bizarre new products and, most importantly impressed Lord Sugar with their business plans.

But what happens to an Apprentice winner after the show is over?

We chart the success of Lord Sugar’s top candidates after their victories. Tim Campbell (2005) The first ever winner of the Apprentice, back when it began in 2005, was Tim Campbell.

Despite his business idea being not that memorable (he put the £250,000 into a scientific recruitment company), he’s gone on to win numerous business awards and is earning several million pounds each year.

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