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" If it is okay with you, but you are concerned about her safety, sit on the stairs close enough to catch her if she falls. If you are screaming, yelling, spanking, or lecturing, stop. What is the last thing you want to do on the jungle gym? Show her what she can do instead of what she can't do. Use your sense of humor: Here comes the tickle monster to get children who don't listen. Be empathetic when your child cries (or has a temper tantrum) out of frustration with his lack of abilities. I know you want to stay, but it's time to leave. Ask older children to tell you what they just heard you say. You're also an observer, working on learning who your child is as a unique human being.

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If you are following Positive Discipline methods, by practicing repetition and patient and watching your child carefully to see what she can do as a unique human, you may be surprised at what can be accomplished. It is especially easy to baby and over-protect the youngest child because this child looks so small compared to her larger siblings.

Each child needs your time and energy as a teacher/coach to help her learn.

Even though younger children watch and copy older siblings, be sure you spend one-on-one time with each child to help structure his or her learning. Foster was wondering why she ever got into the parenting business.

It felt to her that both she and her child were out of control.

Bed linen, towels, electric, central heating and Wi-Fi included. Additional Info: The property has an outside tap for cleaning outside footwear.

We had a wonderful week in this apartment overlooking the sea. So much thought, care and attention has gone into it.

Kitchen area, with electric oven and hob, microwave, fridge, freezer and dishwasher. Outside: small patio area with furniture and communal garden with BBQ.

Amenities: 1 allocated parking space, visitors parking on a first come first served basis. Location: beach, restaurant, pubs and shops approximately 1 mile.

Then ask your child, "What do we need to do next on our routine chart? If they don't agree and you lecture anyway, you might as well be talking to the wall.

" For children who are younger, say, "Now it's time for us to _____." 5. Don't expect children to do something "right now" when you are interrupting something they are doing. Children can learn that they will be treated kindly and firmly through their age-appropriate, developmental stages.

Why not visit the market town of Totnes with some fascinating history and culture or to the West Plymouth with the historic Barbican area that is steeped in maritime folklore.

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