Android gmail widget not updating

No one knows if this will be a winning strategy in the long run.

If your native app isn’t top notch, don’t force your users into using it.

Apple is sending a not so subtle message that you shouldn’t use the old methods anymore.

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Only force users into your app if you really believe it’s a better user experience than your website. Deep linking works well for apps that provide a dedicated market place experience (like e Bay) or apps that need features like push notifications or location that you can’t do as well on a website (like Twitter).

But they don’t work well when users feel like you are them to use your app for no good reason. Both i OS (9.0 and newer) and Android (all versions) provide good APIs for deep linking.

They do this by showing their own competing products on search result pages above even the top organic search results.

Getting a number one rank on a search result page doesn’t matter of the user doesn’t see any of the search results!

If they click on a link to your company blog, it’s probably better to just show them the normal website.

Make sure you only deep link users into your app when you can actually show them the exact information they wanted from inside the native app.

You can implement deep linking on both platforms at the same time and a lot of the work overlaps.

First, you need to decide which urls on your website should link to which screens in your mobile app.

That percentage is growing daily and is probably higher for US/Canada and western Europe.

In Step 1, we decided that links to https:// should launch our i OS app and show the correct product screen.

For example, let’s pretend you have a shopping website is called

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