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Another important benefit of using Eroiy is that it helps protect users from financial fraud via the use of a ‘native currency governed ecosystem’.

When compared to banks and other payment services like Pay Pal that charge users heavy processing fees (per transaction), is quite cheap and reasonable.

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This thread provides a great amount of information that we all should read before putting our individual votes to the floor on this matter.

Please don't forget that our text chatroom (#alanonchat) is on IRC, accessible using this site or an IRC client program such as m IRC.

As mentioned earlier, unlike payment methods such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards which can easily be traced back to a person, this platform allows for complete anonymity.

According to the official company whitepaper, Eroiy allows for complete technical integration that is required across “hardware and software platforms”.

As the current wave of crypto innovation seeps into various domains of technological interest, it comes as no surprise that the use of altcoins is being viewed with much potential within the adult entertainment world.

Eroiy is an all new “blockchain-based cryptocurrency” that has been designed particularly to serve as an incognito payment method for adult content.According to market data, it has been found that adult entertainment industry currently rakes in over 0 Bn USD per annum.Thus, to cash in on this segment, Eroiy is offering its customers with a payment platform that is discreet, safe and fast.Parents at risk or involved with Child Protective Services, domestic violence, homeless shelters, correctional and/or substance abuse programs also attend.Below, in the box that appears, you will see a small, white square with mib_### in it.Such privacy cannot be ensured by conventional payment services as they usually make use of centralized servers.

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