Antarctic radioactive dating of meteorites

Each person is armed with a survival kit, meteorite gathering equipment, lots of water and food, medical kits, Iridium satellite phones and GPS devices.

Once a sample is spotted, scientists assign it an identification number.

[Photos: Asteroids in Deep Space ] Special place "It has been another interesting season at Miller Range," said Ralph Harvey, associate professor in the department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

While the field season was in progress, these samples were inventoried and kept frozen.

Upon the team's return to Mc Murdo Station, the U. scientific headquarters in the Antarctic, the meteorites were transferred to special shipping containers and sent, still frozen, to the Antarctic Meteorite Curation Facility at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Since 1976, ANSMET researchers have been recovering thousands of meteorite specimens from the East Antarctic ice sheet.

ANSMET is funded by the Office of Polar Programs of the National Science Foundation.

Frequently, the noncooperating weather forced the team to spend lots of tent time: eating, reading, resting, writing.

"But as always in Antarctica, everything depends on the weather," wrote an upbeat Peslier, "so who knows what tomorrow will bring!

"I've been leading field parties since 1991 and I think this year marks my 25th overall with the program," Harvey said.

Harvey likens his search for meteorites to a farmer who's used to harvesting corn in a field finding it growing in the barn, in the garage, in the basement and other surprising spots.

Yum." In another dispatch from the ice, Schrader reported: "It was a special day for us because we collected our first meteorites.

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