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While the coffees are well poured, unfortunately Antipodean doesn’t currently use New Zealand milk (apparently it’s way too expensive).

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And former Neighbours star Guy Pearce is set to take American audiences by storm when his new film The Time Machine is released there on Friday.

Cate Blanchett, meanwhile, is starring in Charlotte Gray and The Lord of the Rings, both still playing at cinemas.

Heading to America to further his career, he beat nearly 200 actors for his role in The Patriot in which he stars as a zealous Revolutionary War rebel at odds with his battle-weary father, played by Mel Gibson.

He went on to star in the lead role in last summer's medieval hit A Knight's Tale Future projects: Watch out for Heath in the lead role of Harry Faversham in the period drama Four Feathers, due out late this year.

Her other notable performances include Lynn Sear, mother of the psychic Cole in The Sixth Sense.

Future projects: Catch Toni in About A Boy, in which she plays Fiona opposite Hugh Grant's Will, and Stephen Daldry's The Hours, the Virginia Wolf story, also starring Nicole Kidman.

) and I’ve often made references to the cool café scene in my hometown, Auckland…

so the thought of having a café in the same vein just down the road was an exciting prospect.

The Louise Slice (an old school Kiwi favourite made from a thin cake base and topped with berry jam and coconut meringue) trumped the berry yoghurt muffin (although it was a tough choice), and more than delivered in the taste department – sweet and light, this was the real deal.

Ash gave his cheddar and Prosciutto muffin a big thumbs up too!

My husband Ash and I swung by Antipodean for a coffee and quick bite to eat on a Sunday morning.

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