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is ready to be the change he wants to see in the world.

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“She is not the typical Italian, behind the pots and pans.” Yvonne Sabato was born in Prague in 1947.

Her mother, a dancer, was the only one of her family to escape the Nazis; after the war, she’d married an aristocrat who refused to join the Communist Party.

The government forced the family to join the circus, where Yvonne and her father had an acrobatic act involving a unicycle.

Yvonne’s mother hid her Jewish background, sending the young girl to Catholic school.

“People have to know that cultures—there have been many over the years, that have been through a lot,” he said.

“Jewish people are tough people, they believe in something and believe it really strong, and I find it fascinating that a small country like Israel is as powerful as it is.” For now, though, they contented themselves with a trip to Hawaii, where was shot.

Perhaps in a preview of his political future, he also spoke on Trump’s behalf at the Republican National Convention, which, according to Sabato, resulted in him being blacklisted from Hollywood. Perhaps he will join the pantheon of Republican celebrity politicians alongside Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, the current president, and Jesse “the Body” Ventura.

Based on the precedent set by this last election, he may even be our commander-in-chief one day, so start reading up on Antonio Sabato Jr.!

“When I tell people I’m an Italian Jew, they’re very amused by it,” he said in a recent telephone interview about his dating show, , which premieres this weekend on VH1.

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