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However, shortly after, Bryan was forced to take time off (and drop the title he’d just won) as he needed neck surgery for injuries sustained earlier in the year. I've already been out three months, so that's another three months. IGN: It seems like such a silly understatement to say, "This must be frustrating!

This Sunday, at Summer Slam, Bryan’s wife, Brie Bella, is involved in a high profile match against Stephanie Mc Mahon. So you'd like to get that done as soon as you can -- if it needs to be done. What they want to do is they want to take the nerve from down a along my elbow and then move it over, and then put it under my forearm muscle there [pointing at arm]. " But have you sort of come to terms with it, as far as what a crazy year this has been, career-wise?

IGN: Meanwhile, a lot of big stuff is happening with your wife. A lot of people don't understand how hard the girls on Total Divas work.

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They don't have soy in it, so that's been fantastic, but finding real food besides that has been very, very difficult.

Sometimes I have to eat some eggs or eat a little bit of meat just to get by, you know?

Stephanie has in-ring experience, but it's been quite awhile -- and you know Stephanie as one of your bosses. Like, Brie and Stephanie have to overcome that flaw. The story was so good, and then here's this flaw in it.

Daniel Bryan: Yeah, and it is funny, because there is something borderline-therapeutic about being able to slap your boss, I think.

I came back from a match and he said, "Congratulations! I just did like a three minute match out there." He said, "No, you won the beard-off.

One of the guys who runs the You Tube stuff for WWE is the one who actually told me about it.I still eat mostly vegan and if it's not mostly vegan, it's vegetarian. I've been fortunate because there's a company called Vega who does vegan protein shakes and that sort of thing.They've sent me free vegan protein and all that kind of stuff, and their products are amazing.He is also the owner of Gray Internet Technologies, LLC. You can friend him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.2014 has been a very turbulent year for WWE star Daniel Bryan, as fan support -- and a belief he wasn’t being given the spotlight he deserved -- became a central storyline on WWE programming, culminating in a huge, jubilant win for Bryan at Wrestle Mania. IGN: I'll get out of the way the question that I know you'll have to deal with all day, which is, how're things going? The surgery they're talking about doing is a three-month recovery.I have nothing but respect for those guys and they've done amazingly so far.

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