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“Lincoln Heights” does a fine job of bringing to light the problems of residents of lower-income neighborhoods, but it does so while still presenting many of those residents as fine, upstanding individuals, something that isn’t always the case in such portrayals.

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“Lincoln Heights” isn’t just the name of the show; it’s the name of the neighborhood where Eddie Sutton (Russell Hornsby) grew up.

Now that he’s a police officer with a wife and children, Eddie decides that the time is right to give back to Lincoln Heights by moving back into the neighborhood and doing his best to help clean things up.

Alex Karev)-Mildred and Richard Loving (1st legal interracial marriage)-Alison Stewart (former MTV News reporter and MSNBC anchor) and Bill Wolff (VP, MSNBC)-Tamala M.

Edwards (former ABC White House correspondent and ABC World News Now anchor and former Time Magazine correspondent and current ABC anchor in Philadelphia) and Rocco -Lugrine (Philadelphia pastry chef and business owner)-Daniel and Marianne Pearl-Erica Hubbard and Robert Adamson-Count Ferdinand and Countess Mary Von Hapsburg of Austria-Shantanella and husband Mc Serch (Detroit Radio Show Co-host and former rapper)-The Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein and Princess Angela Brown-Robert De Niro and wife grace Hightower-Angela Mc Glowan and John Venners Chuck Tiller (Houston talk radio host KNTH 1070 AM) and Wife Mary-J. Murray (author) and wife Amy Renee Murray-Thandie Newton and Ol Parker-Erica Dunlap (Miss.

It still doesn’t make up for the total dearth of bonus material on the DVDs themselves, though.

Here's a current list of famous celebrity interracial couples between black women and white men:-Keisha Sharp and husband Swedish Film Producer-Zoe Saldana and Keith Britton-Debra Wilson and Cilff Skelton-Eve the rapper and Shane Powers-Tatyana Ali and Italian fiance'-Werner Klemperer and wife, actress Kim Hamilton-Billionaire Perter Norton (Norton Anti-Virus) and Eileen Harris-Legendary Punk Rocker Iggy Pop and girlfriend Nina Alu-Naomi Campbell and Billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin-Olympian Mary Wineberg and Husband (her Coach)-Model Alec Wek and Riccardo Sala-Erica Hubbard and Robert Adamson-Canadian Singer Fefe Dobson and Boyfriend Michael Seater-Kim Wayans and husband Kevin Knotts-Shane Lynch (formerly of pop group Boyzone) and wife Sheena White-Zoe Kravitz (Lenny Kravitz's daughter) and boyfriend Ben Foster-Mark Ecko and wife Allison Ecko-Chris Noth and Tara Wilson-Carlos and Deborah Santana-Iman and David Bowie-Paula Patton and husband Robin Thicke-Boris and Barbara Becker-Matt Stone (Creator of South Park) and girlfriend Angela Parker-Model Denise Vasi and Noah Tepperberg-Garrette Dillihunt and wife Michelle-Virginie Silla & husband Luc Besson French Producer-Director and Movie Mogul-Oluchi (Nigerian Model) and husband Luca Orlandi (Fashion Designer)-Diamond Dallas Page (Pro Wrestler & Wrestling Manager) and girlfriend Angela-Stephanie Steward (African-American Journalist) & husband, Stefan Lust (German Comedian)-Wolfgang Puck (Celebrity Chef) and wife, Gelila Assefa-Actress Golden Brooks (from "Girlfriends" sitcom and Marcus Mollinari-Venus Williams (Tennis Pro) and boyfriend Hank Kuehne (Ex-Golfer)-Tina Frimpong and Brad Ellertson-Dawn Simpson (daughter of BET's Donnie Simpson) and fiance, Dan Falls (Real Estate Developer)-Tyra Banks (supermodel) and Giancarlo Marcaccini (footballer and entreprenuer)-Keisha and Justin Chambers (Greys Anatomys Dr.In short, too much happens too quickly and too predictably, and we can feel the writers wanting to get everyone established so they can move on with the story.There are other aspects of the show that aren't quite right (the neighborhood itself often doesn't look all that run down), but they are outweighed by all the things that are right about "Lincoln Heights": appealing, three-dimensional, strong and consistently believable characters, and, most of all, a very welcome desire to show a middle-class African American family dealing with the kinds of issues any family, regardless of race, has to deal with. There’s understandable tension between Eddie and Jennifer over the move back to Lincoln Heights, and it only gets worse when Eddie reestablishes contact with some of the familiar faces from his past, including his ex-girlfriend, Dayne Taylor (Tammy Townshend), but “Lincoln Heights” walks just the right line between police-related stories and family drama, splitting time well amongst Eddie, Jennifer, and the kids, expanding on the kids’ stories in and after school while occasionally visiting Jennifer when she’s on nursing duty at the hospital.There’s also the occasional dip into the extended family: one of the highlights of the second half of the season is the episode entitled “House Arrest,” in which Eddie and Jennifer’s respective fathers – played by Michael Warren (“Hill Street Blues”) and Richard Roundtree (“Shaft”) – come for a visit at the same time.And, in fact, the family gets a cool reception at best when they first move to the large house in Los Angeles' Lincoln Heights district.

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