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It also looks very cool and is, as they say, “track ready.”The platter is new, as well.Gone is the acrylic of the RM-9.2, replaced by a specially polished aluminum platter with internal TPE damping and a vinyl mat layer on top.That is, if they really are over 65 million years old, as the conventional wisdom says. A lone femur bone was excavated in 2004 in Cretaceous clay at 47 6 18N by 104 39 22W in Montana by the O. Miller team in 2005 to retrieve samples for C-14 testing. Collagen: Proteins that are the main component of connective tissue.

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Carbon-14 is considered to be a highly reliable dating technique.

It's accuracy has been verified by using C-14 to date artifacts whose age is known historically.

That included protecting the samples, avoiding cracked areas in the bones, and meticulous pre-cleaning of the samples with chemicals to remove possible contaminants.

Knowing that small concentrations of collagen can attract contamination, they compared precision Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) tests of collagen and bioapatite (hard carbonate bone mineral) with conventional counting methods of large bone fragments from the same dinosaurs. Mary Schweitzer, associate professor of marine, earth, and atmospheric sciences at North Carolina State University, surprised scientists in 2005 when she reported finding soft tissue in dinosaur bones.

Available in the near future will be a 33/78 pulley, as well.

Also hidden from view is the attention that’s been paid to the newly upgraded chassis.

But oh boy, there are some major differences and not all of them visible to the naked eye.

It’s like they say in the hot-rodding world: It’s what’s under the hood that counts.

From 2007 through 2011 the Paleochronology group had 11 dinosaur bone samples carbon dated by the Center for Applied Isotope Studies at the University of Georgia, and for good reason.

Senior research scientist Alexander Cherkinsky specializes in the preparation of samples for Carbon-14 testing.

Since dinosaurs are thought to be over 65 million years old, the news is stunning - and more than some can tolerate.

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