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In addition to providing supportive spaces for community members, Asexuality SF is also dedicated to raising awareness outside of the ace community and educating others on how they can be more inclusive of individuals on the asexual spectrum.

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We host regular social meetups every month, which are open to anyone, whether you're asexual, grey-asexual, demisexual, questioning, or just a friend.

Monthly meetups currently rotate between San Francisco, Berkeley, and Sunnyvale.

We also host occasional special events, including an annual Ace un Conference every summer.

For more information on our regular meetups or to find out if there are any upcoming special events, check out our page.

Everyone I’d ever liked was a boy, so naturally I was heterosexual, that’s just how I assumed it worked.

I didn’t really start to notice a difference in me compared to others until… The Asexual Story Project is a space where anyone who is asexual or somewhere one the ace spectrum can share their personal stories about being asexual, coming out, relationships and any other experiences. You can also submit your own story by following the link in the menu bar!

Now I’m one of those people who will wait until they get home to google…

Asexuality SF is dedicated to creating community spaces for aces of all stripes.

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