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By linking producer Young Hollywood, Amara hopes to achieve full stardom in the states.

A big problem arises though he when he suggests she lose the fro because to him, it isn’t elegant.

They go from being close to cursing one another out to finally nearing blows over what appears to be disloyalty.

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Thought you guys at Dating for Hippies would like to know myself and coralinawales are getting married next year on solstice eve 20th June.

We both joined the site nearly on the same day nearly 2 years ago and been together ever since.

He’s dating a little baddie named Keyara who he promises to remain faithful too.

That may be hard considering he’s definitely flirting with a stripper.

So glad I decided to take that leap of faith and upgrade so I could talk to her!

I always think it's positive to share in the love so wanted to let you know the good news today and hope this will inspire others to take the leap.

The young woman gets into it with Shay and the argument is escalated when Shay douses homegirl with a cup of water.

Trina’s cousin, Bobby Lytes, may not have full career support from his family but his boyfriend Jeffrey has always been there.

Gig Lamayne is one of the most popular name in SA Hip Hop Female rappers in the industry.

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