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Humanists are aware of the wider society and our role in it. You are made to feel guilty because you are here at all - you are 'born in sin.' And you are made to feel fearful about the hereafter. I recognise that there are those for whom religion brings comfort, people who face great troubles and couldn't get through it without religious belief. Does Humanism encompass a 'moral code' concerning our relationship with others? Humanists would say: 'I have to take responsibility for my own life and for others.' No, it's not a selfish thing.

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Mr Justice Colton ordered the granting of temporary authorisation for a British Humanist Associaion (BHA) celebrant to perform a legally valid and binding wedding at a location in Northern Ireland on June 22, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

'It's amazing now that we are being recognised - it's not just a privilege applied to religions,' Ms Lacole told the paper outside the court today. Unlike a registry office wedding, which tends to have a set script, humanist weddings are highly personalised.

They are also recognised in the Republic of Ireland.

Delivering his judgment, Mr Justice Colton held that the wedding is a manifestation of Ms Lacole's beliefs.

We do what's right because it's right not because there's a carrot and a stick.

You are a celebrant at Humanist weddings and funerals. It's an intrinsic part of the human psyche to celebrate rites of passage, even in primitive societies.

Glamour model Laura Lacole, 27, of Belfast, and Leeds United star Eunan O'Kane, 26, have today won a landmark High Court battle to demand legal recognition for their atheist humanist wedding in northern Ireland Until now, the non-religious wedding would have been 'legally meaningless' - but the desperate couple fought for a one-off relaxation of the law so they do not have to hold a separate civil ceremony.

Above, Ms Lacole outside Belfast High Court today A judge at Belfast High Court ruled today that her belief had been unlawfully denied equal treatment with religious couples.

A glamour model today won a landmark High Court battle to gain legal recognition for her humanist wedding to her footballer fiance, just two weeks after the hearing in the case.

Laura Lacole, 27, of Belfast, and Leeds United star Eunan O'Kane, 26, will tie the knot at the luxury four-star Galgorm Resort in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, on June 22.

Humanists adhere to a scientific view of the world and believe humans steer their own destiny.

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