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." In addition, under Section 3, a Housing Court is allowed to decide those G.

The funds from WMI were already on deposit at WMB, so the transfer increased the amount of regulatory capital on WMB's balance sheet but did not address WMB's liquidity shortage.

On of capital it received just 15 days earlier from WMI were seized by the FDIC. WMI Liquidating Trust is seeking damages, costs and reasonable attorneys' fees, and other relief as the court deems just and proper, including prejudgment interest at the legal rate.

He found the plaintiff's actual damages to be $102,220 and tripled that amount because he concluded the defendant's conduct was wilful and knowing.

176D because it did not conduct a reasonable investigation before denying liability under the policy.

." It is clear that the Housing Court is "a court of limited jurisdiction with its expertise in the area of housing.

93A actions, the Legislature has not conferred "general c.

[523-525] Where an insured submitted multiple claims against an insurer to the Housing Court for decision and failed to appeal a judgment entered in favor of the defendant on claims in contract, judgment had become final at least in regard to the contract claims, and the plaintiff was precluded from relitigating those matters, regardless of whether the Housing Court had subject matter jurisdiction of the controversy. Count III alleged that the defendant had violated G. At the conclusion of the trial, the judge submitted special questions to the jury under Mass.

176D by failing to make a reasonable investigation of the plaintiff's claim before denying liability under the policy. Count II was in the nature of an "Account Annexed." On May 27, 1986, the plaintiff filed an amended complaint, adding a third count. The contract counts were combined into one count and were tried before a Housing Court judge and jury. On January 29, 1988, the combined contract count was once again tried to a jury in the Housing Court.

delay the resolution of disputes properly before it.'" Boston v.

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