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Part 2, Looking at Life Through a Distorted Lens: Negative Thoughts and Cognitive Distortions, will focus on the following types of distortions: • Filtering• Blaming Others• Blaming Self• Mind Reading• Fortune Telling• Emotional Reasoning In addition, Part 2 will help you learn to use a Stop Command to re-frame your Cognitive Distortions into accurate thinking.

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Laser spectroscopy, including Raman spectroscopy, Luminescence and Fluorescence on the contrary, fills this gap, but has a fundamental limitation in the spatial resolution. On the webinar we will discuss the basics of technology, as well as the advanced features provided by the deep integration of AFM & Raman.

Recent results published in prestigious scientific journals will be discussed.

The Conference took place at the Hynes Convention Centre, Boston MA in which NT-MDT SI Exhibited at Booth Number 523-525.

The conference is organised by Materials Research Society with the aim to provide international forums for the presenting the scientific results in the field of materials by scientists, acadamians, industries as well as regional and international.

You may decide, “Nobody ever wants to do what I want to do.” This would be an example of over-generalization and personalization.

Assuming without Verifying Without stopping to verify the reasons for your spouse’s decision you falsely decide it’s about you, when in fact, it could be because they are not feeling well; perhaps they have an important early breakfast meeting, perhaps they need to get a good night’s sleep because they were restless the night before.All of these could be potential reasons for not wanting to go out and not one of them has anything to do with you.Global Labeling creates stereotypes by labeling whole groups of people, behaviors, and experiences. Just as Overgeneralization is inaccurate, global labeling negates any positive aspects of either yourself or others.One action, place or event in your life that is good does not define you anymore than one action, place or event in your life where you were less than your best, defines you as bad.It is like saying all who stand at this point are saints and all who stand at the other end are sinners, when for the most part, most people’s actions are between the poles.Mr Oleg Butyaev Sales Manager responsible for the US Market along with our other technical experts were available throughout this conference to meet with Scientists and Academia that travelled many miles to attend the MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit 2017.

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