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You can access the current local information for the device using NSLocale.

Current Locale or construct a specific locale passing a locale code, for example 'new NSLocale ("es_ES_PREEURO").

In IB set direction instead to Leading to Trailing, to the specific direction 2012 V244 Internationalization Tips and Tricks NSLocale current Locale: returns static object that doesn’t change autoupdating Current Locale: picks up any changes to dateformat settings, time to show in 12h format, etc.

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You can see an example of the implementation in the Sample folder.

To use the , create a new object passing your server URL, application access id, application secret key.

The format for these date and time styles is not exact because they depend on the locale, user preference settings, and the operating system version.

Do not use these constants if you want an exact format.

I have all of that working but have just one problem.

When app starts I set the locale the user has specified in their preferences.As a result I end up with Arabic text and English images or vice versa and everything is on the wrong side.Notifiable is a set of utility classes to easily integrate with Notifiable-Rails.This replaces the text with a localistaion lookup extension and generates a resx entry for the old value.Configuration Id: com.mfractor.code_gen.forms.csharp.view_model_property Generates a property declaration for a Xamarin. By default, this code generator routes to the standard Property Generator.Configuration Id: com.mfractor.code_gen.forms.generate_control_native_renderer For a given Xamarin.

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