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Social benefits: Contrary to popular belief, teens who engage in sex at an early age are not destined for a life of delinquency.

By examining twins, the researchers were able to control for race and socio-economic factors.

The study found that those individuals who engaged in sex at a younger age tended to have lower levels of delinquency and better social relationships in early adulthood than their peers.

Most use contraceptives: Not only are most sexually active teens in committed relationships, most are taking steps to prevent pregnancy.

A high majority (87%) of teens report using contraceptives the last time they had sex.

This is a dramatic increase from 1995, when only about 76.5% of teenagers reported using contraceptives.

A recent statement from the Center for Disease Control reveals teen birth rates have dropped 2% between 20.

The reality is that most teenagers have sex, but it's not that bad!

Results from the following five studies on teenage sexual behaviors may help ease some of the fears gripping parents: It's normal: Having sex as a teenager is a normal part of human development.

According to the study “Sex and America’s Teenagers” just under half of teenagers have had sex by the time they are 17.

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