Awstats not updating new fish dating site

Fire the below command to list the conf files present.We have identified the stats configuration file for the domain under evaluation.

As a consequence I have to manually update them myself each day in order to avoid losing my stats.

This is a pain because if I go away on holiday and cannot access the Internet then I lose the stats.

I took a look and the file (in fact all server related files) had root/root ownership, don't know why.

So the solution was to change it to server's owner/www-data.

Using the steps below will allow you to update your own stat reports in Awstats, allowing you to see your most recent visitor data without having to submit a support ticket to have this updated from our end.

Scenario: AWStats is short for Advanced Web Statistics.

Same is the case with other services like IMAP, POP etc.

Awststs can stop working if there is any issues with permissions or ownership of the log files, binary file or with the c Panel specific configurations for stats update. Change the directory to: Where username is the c Panel username of the account in question.

For the purpose of anonymity I am using “” here, it should be replaced with the actual domain name being investigated.

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