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I created a quick sample registry right from my bed and it was so quick and easy to do.

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Scanning products to add to your registry is easy to do as well.

It helps friends and family quickly find the items you would like to receive before baby arrives.

When the parents-to-be or others purchase items from the registry, parents will earn up to 10 percent back via a gift card that can be spent on future purchases at Babies “R” Us.

The gift card will arrive via email approximately 10 weeks after baby’s due date.

I'm kinda leaning towards an error on Walmarts site rather than NOBODY has purchased anything off the registry except us.

I understand completely if they don't print out the reg and show it to the cashier it won't show bought it also won't print a gift respept, my shower only 2 people bought things off of it the rest was clothing kinda frustrating but then agin it's gifts someone took the time to buy for you so as frustrating as it is not knowing what has been bought try to stay positive Honestly, alot of people may not being buying off of the registry. You make a registry so people know what to buy, butttt i dont think people care to look at it. Whether you are getting married or are an invited guest, you’ll appreciate the ease and convenience of the Bed Bath & Beyond Wedding Registry. Checklist You’re not just planning a wedding -- you’re also planning for your life after the honeymoon.For brides and grooms, our registry checklists, guides and expert registry consultants help you create a custom wedding gift registry. The Bed Bath & Beyond interactive checklist is a handy tool to keep you organized and focused.Babies “R” Us is perhaps the most well known of baby stores and it carries a wide variety of things that someone would need for their little ones.The registry comes with a few great perks, including a Price Match Discount.For guests, the wedding gift list takes the guesswork out of choosing the perfect present. For dining to travel, Bed Bath & Beyond has the best selection of items, gear and accessories, and the checklist makes the whole experience fun and satisfying instead of overwhelming Quick Picks Visit to browse for inspiration and helpful suggestions; compare wedding registry favorites, quick picks, trends, style spotlights, personalized wedding gifts and more.

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