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Please ensure to completely fill in all relevant parts of the application forms without exceptions.

Please do not sign blank or incomplete application forms, as dunia will not be held liable for any incomplete/incorrect/inaccurate information in the application form.

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Please refer to the terms and conditions for the same set out in Part IV Section 5 below.

(g) Loan Against Property These are loans to finance your personal acquisitions or meet major expenses.

The Specific Terms & Conditions in the application form and in the confirmation letter will be supplemental to and, if inconsistent, will prevail over the General Terms & Conditions set out in this document.

From time to time we shall also introduce new products and new services, which may include online products and services.

Please note that every credit card issued and all credit card products will also be subject to the terms and conditions of the card association from time to time in force, in addition to these General Terms & Conditions and the various Specific Terms & Conditions applicable.

(b) Credit Card Balance Transfer If you have an existing credit card from a bank or other provider you may apply for a Credit Card Balance Transfer by which we shall issue you with a credit card and have the balance on your existing credit card transferred to the card issued by us.Please refer to the “Terms and Conditions for Credit Cards” in Part V below.(f) Flexi Loan/Revolving Credit line The Flexi Loan/ revolving credit line is a short term credit facility of an amount up to the agreed limits.However, in the case of our interest rates, fees and charges at least 30 day prior notice will be given.Please note that your continued use or retention of our products or services (i) after notice of change(s) has been given or (ii) upon an update of the Website, will constitute an acceptance of such changes. OUR FINANCIAL PRODUCTS (“THE PRODUCTS”) 2.1 LOAN PRODUCTS Subject always to: (i) having obtained all regulatory approvals; (ii) our discretion; and (iii) having launched the particular loan product(s) we shall make available various types of loan products and services to you if you meet the qualifying criteria.The amounts advanced will be based on your income and secured by a mortgage over property.

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