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It’s not clear when the young couple finally began dating, but Austin’s steamy Dec. "Sometimes you connect with people at the right moment & you just click." At the very least, Ceasar’s successful conquest gave fans hope that they, too, could someday snag their celebrity crushes. ASK ME OUT LOL,” one Instagram commenter commanded Justin Bieber.* Bracket 1 will be necessary if the winner of Game 9 also wins Game 11.

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“I’m crazy for her,” he wrote alongside a heart emoji.

Ceasar, who has since made her Twitter and Instagram accounts private, reportedly began her dogged pursuit in December 2009.

The unifying power of baseball in the United States was evident in the Depression-ravaged 1930s, when a group of Cooperstown’s businessmen along with officials from the major leagues established the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

The Hall of Fame became a quasi-religious shrine for many Americans, and, since its founding, millions of fans have made “pilgrimages” to Cooperstown, where they have observed the “relics”—old bats, balls, and uniforms—of bygone heroes. With the rise of industrialization, the standardized clock time of the office or factory robbed people of the earlier experience of time in its rich associations with the daylight hours, the natural rhythms of the seasons, and the traditional church calendar.

But baseball, despite the spread of the game throughout the globe and the growing influence of Asian and Latin American leagues and players, is the sport that Americans still recognize as their “national pastime.” The game has long been woven into the fabric of American life and identity.

“It’s our game,” exclaimed the poet has the snap, go, fling of the American atmosphere—it belongs as much to our institutions, fits into them as significantly, as our constitutions, laws: is just as important in the sum total of our historic life. Perhaps Whitman exaggerated baseball’s importance to and its congruency with life in the United States, but few would argue the contrary, that baseball has been merely a simple or an occasional diversion.“Your smile is so cute @Jake TAustin,” she captioned a Twitter photo of their fateful meeting.He apparently followed her back on Twitter after that. Austin downplayed the couple's bizarre origin story in a statement via his rep.** CWS Finals Game 3 will be necessary if the winner of CWS Finals Game 1 loses Game 2.players each on a field with four white bases laid out in a diamond (i.e., a square oriented so that its diagonal line is vertical).Yet, for Americans, the opening of the baseball training season signaled the arrival of spring, regular-season play meant summer, and the World Series marked the arrival of fall.

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