Believer and non believer dating

It's what Paul was referring to in 2 Corinthians when he said, I know that this seems so easy to say.

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The moment I made the decision to waver on something I always said I would never compromise on, the offers flooded in. He had a great career and he truly could give me everything I ever wanted in this life. I knew he wasn’t a believer, but I wanted to spend time with him and get to know more about him. But the reality is, more often than not, they are great.

Suddenly I got asked out in a grocery store line-up, and then at a dollar store. So, I made the decision to spend time with this guy and got to know him. We liked a lot of the same things, had good conversations, and he made me laugh.

Sure, he could have provided me with every luxury in this world — except the one thing that held the most value to me.

Ultimately, the status of his heart was a deal breaker, and I had to walk away. I get the desire to build a relationship, to keep telling yourself that it doesn’t truly matter if the other person isn’t a believer because everyone is on their own journey: Consider the fact that God took six days to create the intricacies of the world around us.

Yet the Bible records thousands of years of narrative to cover the ups and downs of relationships.

This tells us two things: one, that relationships are hard; and two, that God knows it.

A Christian knows that a church community is paradigm to their faith. A believer reads their Bible when things get tough.

A Christian works to make his or her lifestyle resemble the teachings of the Bible.

A believer will share their faith when it’s comfortable. A Christian knows Jesus as his or her Lord and Savior.

But when 30 hit, let’s just say God and me were in a fight.

No matter how you choose to word it, being single was never in my plans.

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