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Word, Excel, and Power Point Web Apps are all built-in, so documents can be opened and edited on the site.

As you'd expect, Microsoft is also pushing its Sky Drive cloud storage service here, providing the usual 7GB of free storage to share photos and video content on Sky Drive for emails, which should help free up email attachment headaches.

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Instant actions, such as mark as unread, delete, or flag also appear inline in the message list.

Hotmail's Active Views, which display images or You Tube clips in a preview format within an email, are still present in with no major enhancements to note.

Although the old version of Hotmail will remain active, brings together all of its best features and more, accessible via the web, Exchange Active Sync compatible clients, and POP3.

Existing Hotmail users can upgrade to the preview version today — with options to rename an existing @address to @or to add an additional alias to an account — and new users can pick an @email address.

If you thought Microsoft was done with its summer announcements then think again.

The software giant is unveiling a brand new preview version of Hotmail today —

This works well for the most part, but there's also an option to clean up any rogue contacts and merge information easily.

The right-click options from the Mail side of are curiously absent from the People section, which means you’ll have to resort to the top bar to manage contacts.

One change to the layout and functionality of Microsoft's webmail client is the switch to default threaded conversations.

Traditionally in Hotmail, Microsoft never grouped message conversations together by default, although the option is there for users to switch on.

The reduction of clutter and simple interface is surprising at first, but it closely mirrors Outlook 2013 — a great improvement to Office 2013 itself.

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