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I have grown up inside and out and feel as though I am a stronger and better person.My experience with my dad has taught me to be more wary of people and to not be too trusting.

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Even before I found the drugs there was always a constant reminder that he hadn’t been part of my life for 16 years – it was like I had to tell him my whole life story and explain everything and every person in my life –that was really difficult.

The worst part of finding out that dad was back on drugs was knowing that once again he had chosen them over me.

But mum wasn’t alone; she had her parents - my lovely grandparents - to help raise me and without them I wouldn’t be who I am today.

I then had a four part series made about my life called ‘Small Teen Bigger World’.

Small Teen Turns Eighteen is on Monday at 9pm I was born with restricted growth, which means I am the size of an average nine year old, and this affects what I do every day – the world isn’t built for people of my size.

I try my best to not let my condition get in my way and am determined to live my life like every other teenager because after all, I am the same - I love fashion and going out with my friends.Whilst I was in America dad started a methadone detox programme, but did it work? The documentary also sees me become an official adult, as I celebrate my eighteenth birthday in style with a fancy dress party.Turning eighteen has been a huge milestone for me; when I look back a year ago I’ve changed so much and I feel like a completely different person.I actually feel as though I have aged four years in just one year!I am a lot happier than I have ever been and I am ambitious for my future. S love ur mom she is so funny she had me in stitches lol..Mum had become so reliant on his help that she found it difficult to cut him out and I completely understand her choice to continue seeing him but I needed a break and some time to think.

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