Bginfo not updating

If you want to update wallpaper and display information select “Update this wallpaper” from drop-down menu.Save the configuration (File|Save As) as What To in C:\BGInfo folder. Create batch script and registry key to update wallpaper automatically: Create Display in C:\BGInfo folder, add following commands and save.

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Solution is to properly configure desktop options in BGInfo. Configure how wallpaper will be updated on each desktop: Click on Desktops button to configure how to update wallpaper.

The process of refreshing desktop bitmap during logon can be automatized if you follow this quick guide (folders and files you can name any way you like, but keep the extensions). Configure information to be displayed: Run BGInfo and select what information, in what order and where you want it to display. Select how to update wallpaper for each type of connection: User Desktop, Console users and Remote Desktop (Terminal Services) users.

When nurses and doctors switch from one physical client to another (typically stationary thin or zero clients), Bg Info’s values are not updated and were now displaying stale IP/MAC values for the physical client.

The secondary problem was that monitor resolutions vary, sometimes forcing the Bg Info content out of view.

I would prefer this to not be the condition - a black screen that a user would need to know to press CTRL ALT DEL to "activate" the login screen. A) is there a better way to effect a wallpaper refresh of the login screen?

B) is there a programmatic why to effect a CTRL ALT DEL sequence?I have successfully modified the Windows login background to include some system information.In order for the changed wallpaper to take effect I need to refresh the Winlogon desktop.I've read where this isn't possible, yet VNC (for example) is able to send a C A D key sequence to a VNC server so that one could login to a machine, so there must be *some* method for doing this.I'm looking for some creative minds to help me resolve the last piece of my BGInfo-logon-wallpaper puzzle.So in a Windows environment, we use bginfo in the all-users startup folder to write out server details to the desktop.

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