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There’s nothing that stresses me out more than being in a rush and not being able to find a particular eye shadow or lipstick that I need to complete my look.

That’s why I’m always searching for ways to organize my products so that it’s easy to locate what I need. These five makeup storage ideas are some of the best ways I've found to keep my beauty stash nice and neat.

Marie Claire is the fashion magazine that features stories on beauty, make up, having a strong character, sense a humor and more.

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Issues of Cosmo and Redbook adorn stands everywhere, usually advertising in large font the latest sex tips and ways to look like celebrities.

One might say that these magazines have command of the magazine market, and it would be hard to dispute such a statement. The success of women's magazines largely relies upon how they reach their argument.

While many women want tips of sexuality and relationships, many mainstream magazines tend to ignore their points of view.

If they want to really learn about new topics, it is often only through a women's magazine that they can be served.

It will help you become more comfortable with who you are and express yourself in the way you want.

Always ahead of the time, quintessentially modern, and ' Get it Free!They’re designed to snap and slide in and out of each case, enabling you to create a customizable makeup kit with no set size.This is a relatively simple idea, but really effective.One of the biggest problems about stashing makeup in a drawer is that you have to shuffle through all your products just to grab the one you want.This quick fix solves that problem and puts your products on display in an aesthetically pleasing way by repurposing an old picture frame.If the magazine is properly constructed, it can help to fulfill many of its readers' needs.

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