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Harris, in an interview, said he works for the GOP mostly because he believes city neighborhoods need attention from both parties."I open the door to the community and let them be exposed to diversity in the political party," Harris said.

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Paula Terreri, 57, a 26th Ward Republican who describes herself as a devout Catholic, said outside the polls on Tuesday that she voted for Romney because she opposed abortion.

Many parts of Philadelphia and other big cities simply lack Republican voters, a fact of campaigning that has been true since Franklin D.

Still, was there not one contrarian voter in those 59 divisions, where unofficial vote tallies have President Obama outscoring Romney by a combined 19,605 to 0?

The unanimous support for Obama in these Philadelphia neighborhoods - clustered in almost exclusively black sections of West and North Philadelphia - fertilizes fears of fraud, despite little hard evidence.

Oh, and 13 other city divisions did the same thing in 20.

Three of the 15th's registered Republicans were listed as living in the same apartment, but the tenant there said he had never heard of them.

Chicago and Atlanta each had precincts that registered no votes for Republican Sen. "I'd be surprised if there weren't a handful of precincts that didn't cast a vote for Romney," he said. In a city with 1,687 of the ward subsets known as divisions, each with hundreds of voters, 59 is about 3.5 percent of the total.

But the number of zero precincts in Philadelphia deserves examination, Sabato added. In some of those divisions, it's not only Romney supporters who are missing. Take North Philadelphia's 28th Ward, third division, bounded by York, 24th, and 28th Streets and Susquehanna Avenue.

The addresses of several others could not be found.

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