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Previous Secretaries of State had used personal email accounts with no problems.Katherine and I both agree -- was about to write the same.

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“Dev Ops success hinges on getting continuous testing right,” Siddiqui wrote.

“It’s a key indicator that your Dev Ops/agile practice is mature, and your QA strategy must take into account that 100% test automation is not practical – nor is it possible.” “The survey reveals software professionals finally see the need for Dev Ops in their workflow and are beginning to adapt their workstyle in order to make this a reality,” said Sid Sijbrandij, CEO and co-founder of Git Lab in a statement.

Other email accounts such as free Hotmail, Windows Live Mail, Yahoo Mail and AOLo…prompt; and more Active Directory – reset passwords; unlock accounts; manage users, groups, and more Lotus Domino Administration Manage Domino servers with Mobile Admin, including: People and Groups – create and edit people and groups; reset Internet passwords; and more Administration Requests – approve and reject admin requests Novell Administration Use Mobile Admin too… Oracle, BES, Citrix, HP i LO, Backup Exec, VMware and RSA from your Black Berry- decreasing costly network downtime, and accelerating response intervals.

Mobile Admin's fast graphical interface allows you to perform high-demand tasks such as: reset Passwords.

“Despite the progress in the shift in mindset, current Dev Ops practices are not cutting it.

Instead of a single application that accomplishes the goals of both Dev and Ops, many glue together the tools for the two departments, which has proven to be an ineffective means for collaboration.

“Developers need a solution that provides a seamless Dev Ops experience,” Sijbrandij added.

Blackberry users can now access their webmail on their Blackberry.

This is shorter, more direct, and more even-handed.

Spyrou Kyprianou avenue, 79, PROTOPAPAS BLDG, 2nd floor, flat/office 201, 3076, Limassol, Cyprus Beowner Ltd.

69% of respondents said their team’s development methodology was best described as agile, with 23% opting for Dev Ops and 16% waterfall.

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